CYCLING MALLORCA – Vineyard Tours!

Cycling Holiday Tours Mallorca have teamed up with two local vineyards here in Mallorca to give our clients some great options outside of cycling to experience the best of what this beautiful island has to offer.


Mallorca has a great history, having some of the most famous ‘Old Wine’ regions in the world as its neighbours. The 21st century has seen Mallorca’s wine industry flourish, the reason why you might not have come across any of the island’s wine yet is that Mallorcan wines aren’t typically exported. Yes, that’s right, since they’ve been producing the good stuff, they have been keeping it for themselves and the millions of tourists the island attracts each year. And if you’re in Mallorca, you should most definitely take advantage tasting as many of these unique wines as you can.

There are many local grapes employed in Mallorca wines, and tasting these offers real insight into the local culture and land. There’s not only the callet, but also the black grapes manto negro, fogoneu, and gorgollasa (the latter not even present in commercial Spanish varieties) and the prensal white varietal.

With such history it was a real easy decision to look into adding this option to our tours and is why we have teamed up with Bodegas Can Vidalet in Pollenca & Bodegas Macia Batle in Santa Maria.

No matter where you are located on the island, we can come to you for a guided cycle tour with vineyard experience or arrange transportation to & from the vineyard of your choice from the two Vineyards we have teamed up with.
• Guided Cycle Tour from your location to & from the vineyard of your choice
• Guided Cycle Tour from your location to the vineyard & be transported back to your location with bike (sensible option!)
• Transport to the vineyard of choice & drop off (another sensible option!)

Please see below links to the websites of both Bodegas Can Vidalet in Pollenca & Bodegas Macia Batle in Santa Maria. You can see what both vineyards offer in terms of vineyard tours, wine tasting and traditional tapas.

Bodegas Can Vidalet:

Bodegas Macia Batle:

If you are interested in joining our vineyard tours, please get in touch to let us know your preferred options and we can provide you with a quotation to meet your requirements.

If you wish to to book now or have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the methods below.